“It is up to us to decide what it means to be a successful Human Being.
Nothing happens unless You make it happen.
As a leader, everything is your responsibility,
because You could have chosen otherwise!”

Peter Koestenbaum

Beyond Expectations evolved over the
years as a change management & leadership platform from my practice as a Manager, Faculty, Speaker, Author, Growth Facilitator, Executive Coach, and most importantly, from my journey as an Individual.


Of Your Family & Friends
Of Your Shareholders/ Bosses/ Peers/ Employees
Of Your Customers/ Vendors Of Competitors

...are Limitations

You Can Choose To Go Beyond Expectations !!

I make myself available both as a Confidante
as well as a Catalyst to knowledgeable professionals, top management of organisations and Entrepreneurs, in their pursuit of Growth & Sustainability. I am lucky enough to be able to empathise with your business, aspirations, dilemmas, challenges and facilitate your journey towards your purpose.

The challenge to Growth or Organisational Management does not lie in the lack of Explicit Knowledge but in Leadership, in having a Vision, having the gaze to spot options, make Choices and the will to execute Change.

My Guru

I discovered Sumantra Ghoshal in 1997 while I was struggling to develop my second line and time for my family. Reading him had set me off on a pursuit to harness ‘human volition’ instead of relying on the usual motivation crutches as defined by Abraham Maslow1.

Sumantra, together with Heike Bruch2, while consulting Juergen Weber, the turnaround CEO of Lufthansa, found to his astonishment that only 10% of the project managers took purposive action to implement their projects. For the rest, the problem was that, despite fully knowing what they needed to do, they simply did not do it. The gap was not in knowledge, but between knowledge and action. He said, “Most of management literature is about the theory of motivation, while if one looks deep, it is evident that most remarkable achievements in organisations have been through that of Volition”.